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Remember, it will cost you more when you need to replace a malfunctioning machine. The Council may provide accompanying penalties consisting of fines not exceeding One Thousand Pesos P1, However, in both cases, local governments retain the responsibilities for planning, financing, and regulating water supply.

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Step 11 If your water refilling station is completely ready, you can contact your supplier to install the equipment. These efforts ensure the quality of water defined by a standard set by the National Pollution Council Commission according to the different uses of water.

This makes use of a reverse osmosis equipment which has semi-permeable membrane that only allows pure water to pass through and pushes the unpure water out of the system to the reverse side or the reject drain line.

The Bottom-Up Budgeting BUB Project was implemented by the administration, in its National Budget, to fund projects that would help the country attain its Millennium Development Goals of inclusive growth and poverty reduction.

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Maynilad went bankrupt in and was turned over to MWSS in

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Water supply and sanitation in the Philippines