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Even conceding that the structure of lectures is unhelpful for recording, it still would have been better than nothing. All written work for assessment must be submitted to the School office and include a correctly completed School Assessment Coversheet.

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Students are warned to be careful to guard against it occurring consciously or unconsciously in essay writing. So come and speak to us early if you are having problems meeting that requirement! In addition, as discussed below under assessment, in most weeks two or three students will have responsibility for outlining some major issue s in the readings, drawing out the points of contention, and helping lead discussion.

Professor Karen Farquharson.

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Further recommended readings are listed in this guide and on the LMS. Students are only eligible for special consideration if circumstances beyond their control have severely hindered completion of assessed work. A specific date will then be agreed upon and enforced unless 18 evidence for additional Special Consideration is produced. I thought Ben dealt with a slightly nutty tute very well and know that I'm not alone in finding what he said valuable and insightful. These tutorials will begin in the second week of semester. Turkle alone together, chapter Email: johndc unimelb. The group of students presenting in any week is encouraged to prepare and present collaboratively. Plagiarism is academic misconduct, and is taken very seriously by the School, Faculty and University.

It is therefore important that students spend time ascertaining how their own work differs in its assumptions and methodology from that of the critics they have read or engaged with including lecturers and tutors! Also available in many other collections including The Essentials of Psychoanalysis selected by Anna Freud.

Appropriate response to special consideration depends upon the degree of disadvantage experienced by the student. The School offers a wide range of courses and programs in areas including criminology, development studies, international studies, political science, public and social policy, socio-legal studies, anthropology and sociology.

Carr, The Shallows, chapter 8. It is your responsibility to regularly check in with the LMS for subject announcements and updates. But I am a lazy reader so that may just be me. I was amazed at the amount of content I was able to absorb, due to his meticulous preparation and consummate presentation.

Unimelb essay writing guide

This subject was extremely interesting, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Final decisions in line with University policy will be made by the Committee. Final Essays will not be returned to you unless an envelope is attached, unless special arrangements are made. It is your responsibility to regularly check in with the LMS for subject announcements and updates. Please be sure to attend the final tutorial of the semester. I think it was done really well, maybe a shift toward slightly more accessible texts or slightly less of them? Supporting documentation i. Althusser, "Freud and Lacan" in Lenin and Philosophy. Further recommended readings are listed in this guide. Professor Karen Farquharson. The tutorials are an integral part of the subject, providing an opportunity to discuss ideas and issues raised during lectures. Students should be notiied of the outcome of the application via email within three business days of its submission.

Althusser, "Freud and Lacan" in Lenin and Philosophy.

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