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Sayre, K. The soil of the experimental field was loamy sand, with neutral in reaction, low in organic carbon and available nitrogen, medium in available potassium but high in available phosphorus. Annals Agric. Saving water and increasing sustainability with bed planting. C under present agricultural scenario. Yadav, A. Agricultural Science Digest. Indian J Agron November 5 and 20 sowing recorded significantly higher growth parameters, tiller density, chlorophyll content, days to different phenological stages, photo-synthetically active radiation PAR interception, normalized difference vegetative index NDVI , growing degree days and economic returns as compared to December 5 sowing. Indian J Agric Res Upadhyay, V. Soil Fert. Higher pollen viability was recorded in November 20 sowing however higher proline accumulation was recorded in December 5 sowing. The experiment was conducted in split plot design with combinations of three sowing dates November 5, November 20 and December 5 and two varieties WH and PBW in main plots and four levels of growth regulator control, water spray, salicylic acid 75 ppm and salicylic acid ppm at booting and early milking in sub plots, replicated thrice. S; Luthra, V.

Sayre, K. The highest protein content, hectoliter weight and grain hardness was recorded in December 5 sowing.

wheat thesis pdf

PBW produced significantly higher grain yield over all other varieties except HD Tanveer, A. Netherland J Agric Sci.

wheat production pdf

Yield performance and heat unit requirement of wheat Triticum aestivum varieties as affected by sowing dates under rainfed conditions.

Chenopodium album competition with wheat Triticum aestivum in respect to nitrogen and grain yield. Higher pollen viability, proline content, number of grains per ear, grain yield, harvest index, sedimentation value and net returns were recorded in WH Sardana, V.

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Yadav, A.

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