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Figure 2. Instead, the memorial became a dividing line between factions both real and imagined. The names of 32 men were put on the wall in error.

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In the words of Scruggs, "It has become something of a shrine. Since the dedication, more names have been added. Whether you personally served in the Vietnam War or knew someone who did, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a place for personal reflection and solemn tribute. The last date of eligibility is May 15, , which corresponds to the final day of the Mayaguez incident. Angelo Liteky, an Army Chaplain who was a Medal of Honor recipient, placed his medal in an envelope addressed to then-President Reagan and left it at the wall. Black walls, the universal color of shame and sorrow and degradation. More cracks were later discovered in The 2, pound bronze structure stands 15 feet tall and depicts three women attending to a wounded soldier, reflecting the unity required during the conflict.

In such cases, the determination is made by the Department of Defense. The flags are redistributed through various channels.

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Stone cutting and fabrication were done in Barre, Vermont. Lin objected strenuously to this, arguing that this would make the soldiers the focal point of the memorial, and her wall a mere backdrop. Information about the rank, unit, and decorations are not given.

Lower Manhattan must not be transformed into a vast mausoleum, obviously, but neither must it be transformed into a theme park for advanced architectural taste.

New York: Garland Publishing, This demands that we ask how effective the VVM will be as a memorial over the life-cycle of memory.

The names are inscribed in Optima typeface.

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History of the "Wall:" Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.