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Wright wed Miriam Noel in Novemberbut her addiction to morphine led to the failure of the marriage in less than one year. Although Wright was devastated by the loss of his lover and home, he immediately began rebuilding Taliesin to, in his own words, "wipe the scar from the hill.

While such works made Wright a celebrity and his work became the subject of much acclaim in Europe, he remained relatively unknown outside of architectural circles in the United States.

Once completed, he then effectively abandoned it for nearly a decade as he pursued major work in Tokyo with the Imperial Hotel, which was demolishedand Los Angeles with the Hollyhock House and Olive Hill for oil heiress Aline Barnsdall.

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Wright soon became chief assistant to Sullivan, and in June he married Catherine Tobin. Anna had been unhappy for some time with William's inability to provide for his family and asked him to leave. It was there that Wright established his own architectural practice upon leaving Adler and Sullivan in Wright wed Miriam Noel in November , but her addiction to morphine led to the failure of the marriage in less than one year. And then there were Taliesin and Taliesin West, which not only served as a home for the architect himself, but also for the Taliesin Fellowship and later the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Wright and the fellowship established migration patterns between Wisconsin and Arizona, which the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture continues to this day. Tafel also recounted that Wright had Cecil Corwin sign several of the bootleg jobs, indicating that Wright was aware of their illegal nature. During his later years, Wright also turned increasingly to designing public buildings in addition to private homes. In fact, the signature on this drawing is revealing, reading "Delineator Mahoney after FLLW and Hiroshige," which discloses how Wright directly encouraged his staff to follow his lead in adopting strategies from Japanese artists. Wright and Olgivanna married in She decorated his nursery with engravings of English cathedrals torn from a periodical to encourage the infant's ambition.

Called Wingspread but also known as the Herbert F. Although neither of the affordable house plans was ever constructed, Wright received increased requests for similar designs in following years.

He worked under Sullivan untilat which time he opened his own architectural practice.

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Wright opened his last decade with work on a large exhibition, Frank Lloyd Wright: Sixty Years of Living Architecture, which was soon on an international tour traveling to Florence, Paris, Zurich, Munich, Rotterdam, and Mexico City, before returning to the United States for additional venues. Wright responded enthusiastically, never anticipating the tremendous amount of time and energy this project would consume before its completion sixteen years later. Wright's Imperial Hotel was the city's only large structure to survive the earthquake intact. Although it received little serious consideration at the time, it would influence community development in unforeseen ways in the decades to come. Wright and Miriam Noel's divorce was finalized in , Wright was again required to wait for one year before remarrying. Houses in the Usonian style were similar to the large estates that dominated his earlier career, but on a much smaller scale. They wore flowing ties, and smocks suitable to the realm. Like many of Wright's houses, the interior is colored in a host of organic hues, using cypress, brick, oak and other natural building materials. The green, brown, and golden tones of the interior, typical of Wright's early period, evoke the connection with Nature, which is underscored by the natural light filtering in through the skylit ceilings and clerestory windows, as if one was sitting in a shady glade of trees. They moved in together at Taliesin in , and soon Olgivanna was pregnant with their daughter, Iovanna, born on December 2,

Wright began to build himself a new home, which he called Taliesinby May To supplement his income and repay his debts, Wright accepted independent commissions for at least nine houses. Between and the early s, several other leading Prairie School architects and many of Wright's future employees launched their careers in the offices of Steinway Hall.

Two, the Hickox and Bradley Houseswere the last transitional step between Wright's early designs and the Prairie creations.

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During this time, Edwin Cheney granted Mamah a divorce, though Kitty still refused to grant one to her husband. Wright worked for Sullivan untilwhen he breached their contract by accepting private commissions to design homes and the two parted ways. In another fire, this one caused by an electrical problem, destroyed Taliesin, forcing him to rebuild it once again.

Wright's residential designs of this era were known as "prairie houses" because the designs complemented the land around Chicago.

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