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Simperl, D. Fraternali, L. Ratnakar, D. Rana, A. Experiments were conducted on untyped DBpedia entities, and have demonstrated the intrinsic complexity of the entity typing problem. Luz, M. We strongly encourage evaluations that are repeatable. Poggi and F. Muthuswami, R. Chiu, eds, Springer International Publishing, Cham, , pp.

In this editorial we inspect and reflect on the evolution of research at the intersection of Semantic Web and Human Computation.

Kozaki and A. Simperl, N.

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Insights into a decade of research To provide a broader view of the interaction between the research areas of Semantic Web on the one hand, and Human Computation on the other, we performed a bibliographic analysis of research published in the last decade — Firstly, by contrasting the HC-based results with state-of-the-art quality assessment tools, it is shown that the majority of errors can only be detected with HC techniques.

We manually filtered each result set and determined whether the returned papers were relevant for our search by judging from their title, keywords and abstract.

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Within this category, Sarasua et al. Research evolution over time in terms of a paper numbers published in digital libraries and b paper types. Demartini and A. Hoekstra, P. Maini, M. Research in that inter-disciplinary space dates back a decade, and has been acknowledged as a research line of its own by a seminal research manifesto published in Roberts, L. Noy, A. Jha, A. Zerr and Y. Kim and H. Kadarkaraisamy, R. Jeong, J. Pandey, C. The selection was performed by two researchers to reduce bias.

Welty, C. Rutjes, J. Kitchenham, D. Kim and H.

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