Reasons for confederation

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The members of the Great Coalition worked together to break political deadlock. The members would have powers over their own affairs but certain powers would go to the Central Government. Take on the role of someone living in a particular region and through your journal entry explain why you are opposed to or in favour of Confederation.

Lawrence River froze each winter which stopped the water transportation between the colonies for a whole season.

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Cartier pushed hard for provincial powers and rights, while Macdonaldkeen to avoid the mistakes that had led to the US Civil Waradvocated for a strong central government.

The subject of who should be included among the Fathers of Confederation has been a matter of some debate and the definition can be expanded to include those who were instrumental in the creation of Manitoba Louis Rielbringing British Columbia Amor de Cosmos and Newfoundland and Labrador Joey Smallwood into Confederation, and the creation of Nunavut Tagak Curley.

After the civil war was over, the Americans continued westward due to their belief in Manifest Destiny. Previous Next A series of fortuitous events helped.

Reasons against confederation

It was proclaimed into law on 1 July see Canada Day. Probably not. They not only provide a view into the experiences of privileged women of the era but draw attention to the contributions those women made to the historic record and political landscape. Despite their exclusion, Confederation still had a significant impact on Indigenous communities. In , the federal government assumed responsibility over Indigenous affairs from the colonies. Very low tariffs taxes were added to agricultural products and raw materials when they were sold across the border. British North Americans bought into the new federal structure in part because it promised a more certain future.
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Reasons for Confederation