Radiologic technologist essay

You will need to know how to properly interact with your patient, including the guidelines to communication, the skills needed to communicate, and to stay professional during your time with them. The next barium case was the absolute saddest thing I had seen in a while.

radiology tech career

The particular man I saw was having an MRI of his abdominal region and the technologist was required to start again after learning the man had forgotten to remove his metal belt buckle.

I would prefer to work for an established company — one with developed rules and procedures. It was in this case that I realized this job comes with compassion and caring. The people were shocked and scientists showed great interest. Besides, I am a good and responsible team member.

Moreover, frequently they need some physical help or psychological support and attention, and I believe that I have all necessary resources to provide them with this. The Radiologic technicians through the technology help dentists detect the diseases of the teeth.

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Essay about Career Project: Radiologic Technology