Pros and cons of peer coaching

Explain How to Give Feedback Feedback is a core aspect of peer teaching, meaning you should instruct students how to give it. References Antal, A. I strive for continuous self-improvement and want to keep learning, and I strive to surround myself with educators who share that mindset.

characteristics of peer tutoring

There needs to be such an extreme level of trust that allows for vulnerability, freedom from judgement, openness, and a sincere intent to improve instructional practices.

Advantage: Personal Growth Peer tutoring brings the classroom alive with energy and positive attitudes. This information can facilitate the management in developing a coaching or mentoring program that is well-suited to the needs of the employees and support the organization in attaining its objectives.

Using them as inspiration, they can write a list of positive feedback lines. Do the pros overshadow the cons? The case of British Broadcasting Corporation BBC depicts the fast paced environment the news crew is exposed to in their job routine.

This is largely because students must become active learners, discussing and rationalizing lesson concepts in their own words.

Disadvantages of peer tutoring

Outsourced call centers and English in the Philippines. Reflections from a Business Coach. Lastly, executive coaching illustrates the use of coaching for employees operating on executive position. When they make objective mistakes, tutors can explain what went wrong and demonstrate how to reach proper solutions. Journal of Management Development, 26 3 , Bring up peer teaching in a room filled with your colleagues. Coaching and Mentoring: Theory and Practice. European Management Journal, 11 4 ,

For example, each time a tutor provides proper feedback, give him or her a blank ticket. On the flip side, disadvantages of peer coaching are that peer tutoring can be ineffective and a burden for teachers if the program is simply an attempt to do more with less in response to budget cuts.

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Thoughts on Collaborative Peer Coaching