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So, a real change is occurring and although there are costs attached to it and cynics will see it as a smokescreen, others may not.

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Aside from that event, the two stocks have been mostly flat over the last five years. Though I wouldn't expect either of these stocks to run ahead of the major indices as long as the stock market expansion continues, Unilever seems poised to outperform its rival over the coming years.

So they're turning the previously anonymous holding company names into brands too. Yet here were both companies spending millions of dollars promoting themselves.

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However, Unilever posted improvement in profitability, as gross margin increased 60 basis points to And actually, that's still largely the case. With the holding company exposed, it's that entity that will come under scrutiny during, say, a contamination scare or a fight about workforce conditions.

The ways the two companies have chosen to part from anonymity are very different.

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Procter & Gamble: Beauty Segment Sales Trail Overall Growth