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Delivering systemic change requires that we conceive of new ways of operating and reimagine possibilities. It is an expectation that our executives have a diverse talent pipeline. We tackle all of them through our SFI.

Our procurement and agricultural teams have been in fields rolling SFI out sinceand we now have active programs with growers in 33 countries. Our goal is to conserve, replenish and thus offset the water used in our manufacturing process through community water recharge projects and water conservation projects in agriculture.

Bio-degradable waste is converted into high quality organic manure through vermi-culture. Facilitate financial and insurance services so as to de-risk farming.

Findings from soil health and watershed pilots currently underway in Nebraska, Illinois and Iowa can be replicated through some of the largest agricultural players involved. Each plant is capable of processing multiple fruits and capable of acting as a catalyst for farmers to adopt horticulture.

MK: Our efforts to sustainably source ingredients, drive down GHGs, limit water use and respect human rights are all intrinsically related. But foremost was this: Do job candidates and current employees even care about corporate social responsibility?

Introduction of new high yielding varieties of Potato, Oats, Citrus and others. It rationalised the water use in its manufacturing plants and undertook water recharge projects and water conservation projects in agriculture.

Join us as we explore the latest metrics for assessing your company's environmental, human, social and financial contribution to society — at New Metrics '19, November

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PepsiCo Reports Significant Strides in Pursuit of Performance With Purpose Agenda