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Tons of writers have asked me: is it worth it to get an MFA? As an agent, saleability and hook is just how I think.

phd in childrens literature

People were very quick to brand me a corporate sellout. More on that later. Obviously, mine was not an MFA in writing for children, so take this with a grain of salt.

Masters in childrens book illustration

There are some more practical programs. However, I want to be truthful. An interview is strongly recommended, though not required. Faculty includes standouts like Gene Luen Yang and Liza Ketchum; alumni have been published by a mix of small and large publishing houses. From P. The two-year low-residency program combines day intensive residencies on campus with six-month semesters of self-directed study, during which students work closely with a faculty mentor on a project of their own design. The program involves five day residencies spread across two years of study, and cross-genre work is encouraged. The program was founded in , and has since graduated New York Times—bestselling authors, National Book Award finalists, and Newbery and Caldecott medal winners. Core classes will include teachers, librarians, editors, illustrators, academics. How much of it was the MFA and how much of it was my own writing habits? Dare to imagine Transformative works from folklore, fantasy, nonfiction, poetry, and realism set rich contexts to your developing vision and voice. Dare to discover new audiences and forms all your own. While I did have trouble fitting in, for the above reasons, I can say that I found workshop useful and that I met one of my dear mentors through the program. The truth is, an MFA does not guarantee publication, because nobody and nothing in life except worldwide celebrity can guarantee a book deal.

Spalding University Like many M. Admission deadlines are rolling for all three semesters. Does that catch your eye in a query?

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Children’s Book Writing & Illustrating M.F.A.