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All are welcome. Please click here to read two poems from My German Dictionary.

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Dariel earned his M. I'm sure I'm missing a billion things but if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I'll try to answer them. I left about twenty people out of the final cut.

Academia holds poetry above all else, then literary prose slightly lower. Talk about your aesthetic, your philosophy, what your writing tries to achieve.

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I wanted more time, more community, more mentorship. As it was my first year applying, I aimed for some pretty competitive fully funded programs. They let me into their minds ten times more than the next person.

The summer before I started my MFA some serious drama went down in the writing program, causing half of the professors to leave.

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Variants: What are the 'top' programs? I interviewed hundreds of people, twenty-five minutes or at length for over a month or more. Reading and writing fiction under the wonderful tutelage of Leslie Epstein and Ha Jin helped me to consider language more in my nonfiction. Lina came from a very Catholic home, had no friends in whom she could confide, and merely wanted someone to listen. Maggie wanted her version of the story heard when an entire town banded against her. On December 31, , they really did slaughter five pigs outside the apartment where I was staying, and the trash truck rounded the corner, and there was drama on my WhatsApp. At the same time one professor was on maternity leave and another was on sabbatical. The widows in his tales, capable of great compassion and immense cruelty, were on my mind. Please click here to read two poems from My German Dictionary. Thank you, Lisa, and congratulations!

Look at this as a job, as work. It just feels a lot like a purgatory right now.

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