Literary essays+a streetcar named desire+drinking

Unable to control his disdain for Blanches behavior any longer, he calls her out for the faade she has become.

Blanche and Stella's husband Stanley have many conflicts.

Literary essays+a streetcar named desire+drinking

There are characters in both books that use money as a way of representing what their morals and values are Presently, the female gender has become more respected and important in the workplace, with as much women as men achieving successful, admirable lives.

When it comes to the American dream, a significant part is the quest for money. Blanche continues to develop excuses for her alcohol use. She is haunted by the ghosts of what she has lost—her first love, her purpose in life, her dignity, and the genteel society real or imagined of her ancestors.

She is addicted to alcohol, which is a contrast to the sophisticated behaviour she usually shows.

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As in many of Williams's plays deeper meanings are understood only through close examination of each scene Without alcohol, Stanley would be more inclined to take a quieter stance on the disruption of his male order.

Aristocratic, refined, and sensitive, this delicate beauty has a moth-like appearance. Instead of the romantic youth, Stanley is a bellowing animal, screaming at the heavens Norton Blanche is disappointed at Stella's small and untidy two-room apartment, but because she has nowhere else to go she decides to stay with them.

One of the biggest impacts that the film made for me was the characters.

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The Role of Alcohol in A Streetcar Named Desire Essay