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Leather production on an industrial scale began in the time of Emperor Akbar who decreed that all his soldiers should wear shoes. He soon brought the leather goods of his native city to international fame as one of the most recognized names in the fashion world. Leather covers were crafted to protect the books and provide a luxurious and beautiful exterior.

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The market is actually comprised of two separate markets, an indoor market, known at the Mercato Centrale, or Central Market, home to all things food and the outdoor section that lines the surroundings streets of the large Mercato Centrale building, selling leather, clothing and many souvenirs.

Many luxury companies subcontract at least some aspects of production to those companies in the industrial sector—the same ones who make leather for cars and sofas. Read our story about this Italy Magazine top shopping pick here.

You can watch how bread is made, how the famous bufala cheese is handcrafted or watch how artisan gelato is still made from scratch. Is it "real" leather?

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Seven Tips to Finding Real Leather in Florence