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The key to it all was the belief in deregulation.

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Without spelling too much out, "Enron" suggests a widespread moral deficit underlying Enron's eventual bankruptcy. A former chair of an independent agency of the federal government, the president of a world renowned cancer center, an air force veteran who went on to found a major public company, a navy veteran who became the general counsel and later president of an energy company.

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The introductory section has an interestingly arty edge, but after the opening credits, it relies almost entirely on the content to create its impact. Enron Grew rapidly.

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This website rapidly became the largest business site in the world. What they make them do is fill out a fair amount of paperwork. He had a rough childhood, with many household responsibilities like working hard to drive tractors and plowing fields. I am delighted to be here today to address such an important topic: how can today's boards keep up with "the smartest guys in the room? TNI: There are two great mysteries at the end of the Enron saga. Despite that, Skilling seems to have started off his CEO tenure fairly confidently. The dot-com bubble had burst Bush's connections to Ken Lay come under scrutiny by the press, which intensifies after Enron's collapse. Enron Grew rapidly. Perhaps the big mistake that Lay and Skilling made was not buying a few newspapers or TV stations.

While the audience's contempt for Mr. But several months after the bankruptcy, I did a Google search and came across your article on Enron as a postmodern corporation. But what about the board?

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