Keep or get rid of the electoral college

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Many readers disagreed, making arguments similar to those used by the president and his allies. Even if the first two critera were met, it remains highly unlikely that the Electoral College system would be changed or repealed.

Abolish the electoral college

And it threatens to delegitimize the entire political system by creating larger and larger splits between who wins the public and who wins the states. We should be talking about other things. No Bad Results Even the harshest critics would have trouble proving that in more than years of operation, the Electoral College system has produced bad results. But reforming the Electoral College does not rank high among our national problems. A national campaign would probably follow suit, with candidates looking for connections between regions, cities and metropolitan areas versus a singular focus on a few states. Defenders of the Electoral College have painted Democrats as sore losers, and there's probably something to that. But explaining exactly how it does this remains a mystery. Opens in new window.

The power to determine the president of the United States is ultimately reserved for the electors, as candidates race to win at least electoral votes in the general election.

Take rural representation. A secession crisis is very low on our list of tail risks. According to this — admittedly contrarian — theory, the fact that the Electoral College produces chaotic or undemocratic outcomes in moments of ideological or regional polarization is actually a helpful thing, insofar as it drives politicians and political hacks by nature not the most creative types to think bigger than regional blocs and 51 percent majorities.

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This would surely make for a fine sitcom premise, but few would describe it as a rational way to run a White House. In the Electoral College, Trump was granted votes to Clinton's As political theorists, these dudes were so foresighted, they assumed that America would never have political parties.

Strictly speaking you don't even need to abolish the Electoral College -- a national popular vote is just a few states away from becoming a reality.

Keep or get rid of the electoral college

If there were no such system, campaigns could win by focusing all their attention on the largest states. If, say, environmental sustainability or abortion or the Second Amendment is your dominant concern, it does not matter whether you live in Wyoming or California, Pennsylvania or Delaware.

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America is, after all, a democracy, is it not? What Is the Electoral College? As the folks at National Popular Vote point out, two-thirds of general election campaign events in were held in just six states — Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, and Michigan — and 94 percent of them were held in just 12 states. After all, the GOP has lost the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections. That same view will doubtless color the election as well. As political theorists, these dudes were so foresighted, they assumed that America would never have political parties. Still, you might argue, the Electoral College keeps large states from dominating small ones. Take rural representation. Smaller states will be ignored by presidential campaigns. Continue Reading. Representative Democracy — The citizens rule through representatives whom they elect periodically to keep them accountable. Former Maine Gov.

I used to like the idea of the Popular Vote, but now realize the Electoral College is far better for the U. The three-fifths clause became irrelevant with the end of slavery thankfully!

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Why Every Defense of the Electoral College Is Wrong