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But as it shifted focus on profitability, some of the lower margin yet high volume products slipped. In terms of understanding local consumers, we will always be good.

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The company's first biscuit, called iBisc, bombed. Nobody wants to accept a me-too," he says. Instead, it will piggyback on existing ones for new launches and claims it has nearly new categories in its innovation funnel. For example, Dark Fantasy, priced at Rs 30 for a 75g pack sells in , outlets nationwide, out of which , outlets are rural. Dar hopes that, having overtaken HUL in the foods business, his company will become the country's largest food company. Future Foods' Chawla agrees that customising food for regional preferences is important. Updated: Apr 12, , It has also relaunched its potato chips, taking it across India to increase the overall snacks share. But breaching the strongholds of Parle and PepsiCo is not easy. According to the presentation, Aashirvaad atta crossed Rs 4, crore sales last fiscal followed by Sunfeast biscuits at Rs 3, crore and Bingo chips and snacks at Rs 2, crore.

Noodles and Classmate notebooks were at a combined Rs 2, crore each, while that of Mangaldeep joss sticks and Candyman toffees were at Rs crore each. Isn't Tangles a category creator?

Its distribution channels, which directly reach more than two million outlets nationwide and more than 4.

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The company sells basic spices such as red chilli and turmeric powder in the South, under the Aashirvaad brand, and is planning spice blends for northern markets. Your maiden launch in biscuits didn't work.

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We wanted a business that could fit the vehicle. Second, ITC had distribution might, built over 90 years.

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