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I would only observe, and I cannot help observing, that the violent opposition that has been made to the modest attempts, both of the candid disquisitors, Edition: current; Page: [x] and those of the author of the Confessional, and his respectable friends, to procure a redress of only a few of the more intolerable grievances the clergy labour under, and a removal of some of the most obvious and capital defects in the established church, has more weight than a hundred arguments drawn from theory only, in demonstrating the folly of erecting such complicated and unwieldly systems of policy, and in showing the mischiefs that attend them.

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If, however, he be a man of sense, and read history, he may comprehend the various causes of the extreme insecurity of despotic princes; many of whom have appeared in all the pomp of power in the morning, and have been in prison, without eyes, or massacred, and dragged about the streets before night. Play Minecraft on my iPad and eat Tic Tacs! In every classroom, there should be six computers for students to play and do math on. Kristeanna Morales, Grade 5, Washington School should start at and end at Let them be ever so obsequious to a court, they will hardly chuse to deprive themselves of all power of giving any thing for the future. Our increasing game-laws have all the appearance of the haughty decrees of a tyrant, who sacrifices every thing to his own pleasure and caprice. A case, which is very intelligible, but which can never happen, will demonstrate the absurdity of such a maxim. If it be asked how far a people may lawfully go in punishing their chief magistrates, I answer that, if the enormity of the offence which is of the same extent as the injury done to the public Edition: current; Page: [37] be considered, any punishment is justifiable that a man can incur in human society. Kaylee Holstad, Grade 5, Kalapuya I would change that kids do not need homework over break because that's why its name is break. I think the toilet paper is like sandpaper, rotten old sandpaper. And had not these things, together with an independent ecclesiastical power, been wonderfully balanced in our constitution, it could never have stood so long. That would be awesome for me. Bella Wolf, Grade 6, Judson If I were the principal of my school, I would change the times of classes so that we wouldn't have to wake up so early. Felix Delgado, Grade 5, Washington I would say no more school. One week school, one week off of school.

Shelyann Naisher, Grade 5, Kalapuya I would change the recess and make it longer. The governments now subsisting in Europe differ widely in their forms; but it is certain, that the present happiness of the subjects of them can by no means be estimated by a regard to that circumstance only.

I feel I have the power to make a change for teachers, staff, and students.

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It becomes impossible to save the books and stationary from being spoiled by rain. In confirmation of this, I cannot help quoting a few instructive passages from Mr. I believe KDES should serve students hot and cold breakfast Edition: current; Page: [56] This question may be farther illustrated by two pretty just comparisons. Darrin Campbell, Grade 6, Straub If I were principal, I would change the school food because the food is unhealthy and gross. Rebekah Johnson, Grade 5, Kalapuya I would change what they would eat for lunch Juan Chavez, Grade 5, Scott I would make recess be all day long so we could play with our friends all day. What nation would not have been enslaved by the uncontroverted succession of only three such princes as Henry IV. Should the English government become arbitrary, and the people, disgusted with the conduct of their parliaments, do what the people of Denmark have done, chuse their sovereign for their perpetual representative, and surrender into his hands all the power of state; the forms of a free government have been so long established, that the most artful tyrant would be a long time before he could render life and property as precarious as it is even in France. Anna Welter, Grade 4, St. That the happiness of the whole community is the ultimate end of government can never be doubted, and all claims of individuals inconsistent with the public good are absolutely null and void; but there is a real difficulty in determining what general rules, respecting the extent of the power of government, or of governors, are most conducive to the public good. The employments of all are similar. That will be nice for you guys.

To say that these forms of government have been long established, and that these oppressions have been long suffered, without any complaint, is to supply the strongest argument for their abolition. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Their own reason and conscience are their only guide, and the people, in whose name they act, their only judge.

For the same reason, if there were no fixed laws, but every thing was decided according to the will of the persons in power; who is there that would think it of much consequence, whether his life, his liberty, or his property were at the mercy of one, of a few, or of a Edition: current; Page: [51] great number of people, that is, of a mob, liable to the worst of influences.

Every morning when students come inside the building, I would make sure to greet them with a great big 'Good Morning' and a smile. It is tiring.

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Extravagant as some may suppose these views to be, I think I could show them to be fairly suggested by the true theory of human nature, and to arise from the natural course of human affairs. It would be called, "Teach It, Learn It. Edition: current; Page: [45] This, however, can only be the case in extreme oppression; when the blessings of society and civil government, great and important as they are, are bought too dear; when it is better not to be governed at all, than to be governed in such a manner; or, at least, when the hazard of a change of government would be apparently the less evil of the two; and, therefore, these occasions rarely occur in the course of human affairs.

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