How to write a reflective journal in childcare

She still refuses to get it wet though.

reflective journal template

They seemed extremely unsettled today. EYLF outcomes implemented throughout the week are included to circle and link to observations. I also try to include the language in my reflections and parent communication forms too if possible. Your future planning should be looking at resources, materials, people, routines, expectations and strategies.

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He stacked them up together with ease, and ran around the room, pointing his creation at everything and going "DSH! I don't know if he had finally tired out, or it was the effect of the humming, but he calmed down and lay still in my arms.

They feel comfortable in the world around them are are confident and involved learners as they explore the room. I say this without any ounce of sarcasm or bad feelings: I apologise if the way I wrote was inappropriate, and jeapordised anybody's confidentiality.

I feel like I fit in well and the children are fond of me. Towards the end of the half an hour though, I tried humming to S'r. I know many people also use apps on their phones or programs on their computer which can be very helpful for those who embrace these methods and find they save time.

This is particularly useful for tracking the frequency of individual observations in FDC.

sample reflective journal assignment
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