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Stage 3 Explain your results. They belong in this section because they give a quantitative measure of the accuracy and reliability of the results. It should contain a brief description of any calculations needed to get from the raw data to the final results, but any theory should be talked about in the Introduction or Method.

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All columns and series in tables and axes in information must really be labeled. If there are results that would be best presented in a figure, label the figure clearly, and be sure to refer to it in the text. You probably won't need to use this section until later in the course Level 4 or higher. Consumption of a high cholesterol diet did not significantly increase blood cholesterol concentration over a week period Figure 1. You are expected to write an error appendix for your reports unless told otherwise more information on error appendix page limits can be found on the layout tab. Some helpful hints for taking and recording data are in the lab tips and in the grading rubric. Do your best the more you write the better you will be! More Details 1. Example discussion from the cholesterol report: Stage 1 Relate your results to the aims of the experiment. The protocols and, if necessary, the assays must be criticised. The Results section is not merely a collection of data tables and figures, but must include prose paragraphs as well. Some individuals indicated that they had not complied with the dietary advice and were omitted from the final analysis but it was impossible to determine how accurate the exact dietary intake of each subject or even whether they had consumed high- or low-cholesterol foods. However, only a narrow range of circle sizes were analyzed, so additional data should be taken to investigate whether the constant ratio hypothesis applies to very large and very small circles.

Test Yourself Discussion Which of the following is a good example of a sentence you would find in the Discussion section of a lab report?

How could you overcome these in future investigations? Scientific research is a team pursuit. Say We measured the mass of the cart to be 1. Stage 2 Summarise your results can combine with Stage 1. Be sure to include an uncertainty with every measurement.

Similarly, over the same period, consumption of a low cholesterol diet did not significantly reduce plasma cholesterol concentration.

Having a structure and a sense of direction within your Discussion is also important.

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A paper by Smith, Lynch, Merrill, and Beam released in could be mentioned in the text as: Smith et al. Such as: Fox in examined the human hormones concerning the home-putting together tendencies of catbirds. The discussion must focus on implications and criticisms of the study as a whole rather than on the idiosyncrasies of individual results. Data format A scientific report nearly always is made up of these: Name Abstract Overview Content and techniques Outcomes Chat Literature reported There will be traditional commitment within specialists that each portion of the report will have to consist of explicit kinds of particulars. The circumference measurement was obtained by tightly wrapping a small piece of paper around the object, marking the circumference on the paper with a pencil, and measuring this distance with the ruler or caliper. Does your graphical analysis agree with your calculations? Be sure to label the tables and figures and to refer to them in the text by name e.

Remember: do not quote your results to more significant figures than allowed by their errors. Consumption of a high cholesterol diet did not significantly increase blood cholesterol concentration over a week period Figure 1. For more on references, click here. If you reference anything it will need the full bibliographical reference.

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How to Write a Good Lab Report