How to write a book for kindle fire

how to write a book for kindle fire

The Product Detail page the page with a brief description, price, and Buy button appears. Verify Your Publishing Rights As you are self-publishing your own work, and so you have copyright, and can legally sell your story on Amazon, select This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights.

You will need to change the settings on your Fire though to accept third party apps because oddly, it is not available through Google Play.

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Select Write a Review at the top of the Reviews page. Otherwise please feel free to share the article using the buttons below. Shortly after the new HD appeared, I received an email from Amazon stating there was a formatting issue with my eBook. Sign up for an account at KDP. Click the controller to select Shop in Kindle Store. Web pages, audio clips, photos if you have a camera installed. Now just click Save and Publish. I'll try again, in better lighting.

Instead of taking the time to reformat it myself, I sent it to my Kindle programming team to clean up for me. The Kindle dilemma Using the above steps does not always guarantee your Kindle book will remain free of errors as new Kindle software is released.

can you write word documents on kindle fire

Pretty soon perhaps your book will be in the Amazon best-seller chart too! Webroot is free and runs in the background yet remains visible. Choose Enable if you want to make it harder for people to copy your book, or Do Not Enable if you prefer to make your book available without restrictions.

What I found was that without careful tweaking, my book looked good on one type of Kindle but not on others.

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Place your cursor at the beginning of the blank page you reserved for your TOC in Step 2 and insert it there. What's my verdict?

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Before buying it I checked to make sure there was a version of JotterPad in the Amazon apps store: there is. More Articles. Design a cover using the Cover Creator Alternatively, if you just want a simple cover, use the Cover Creator. What's my verdict? Experiment with a few different ones until you find one you like. Before I got my publishing deal, I self-published a short story called Veronika, using KDP, with modest success — it has been in the Amazon top This step can also be done during the writing process, and the default styles in Microsoft Word can be customized.
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Writing a Document on a Kindle Fire