How 2 write a childrens book

how to write a childrens book and get it published

Children recognize and relate to emotions expressed by characters, and relatability is important, but relatable doesn't have to mean identical. Maisy books are a great present-tense example.

how 2 write a childrens book

All characters should be drawn with both good points and weaknesses. If your character talks to himself or does a lot of wondering aloud, he needs a friend to talk to.

Create a book dummy and fill in the pages with your idea. I took the legend of Hercules, combined him with a wild turkey chick, and voila.

i want to write a childrens book where do i start

Pack picture books with lots of text. Tighten up your draft. Is the main character the central focus on every page, with everything happening to them?

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10 Tips for Writing Your First Children's Book