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Mitchell was born in , thirty-five years after the end of the Civil War. During her long convalescent period, she began writing her novel, using the events of the War and Reconstruction in Georgia as a background for a romantic intrigue. We want to hear what you think about this article. This is seen especially in the character of Mammy who shows more common sense than many of the main characters. However, inaccuracies crept in, including anachronisms such as a radio tower that appears during the hospital scene and electric lamps that show up in two scenes. This opinion would seem to be insulting to blacks. Throughout history there have been political and sanctimonious types who tried to restrict what the populace is permitted to read, but in our generation these types seem to be proliferating. White antebellum Southerners should not be depicted as having sympathetic attributes. But as Americans remember the war and their own history, they have an acute need for novels, which refuse to reduce individual lives to competing sets of political convictions.

Americans have good reason to remember the sweetness, and the deaths, of the countless real-world Tartletons—and never to dishonor those who grieve for them. But what about its politics? The slaves were often portrayed in a stereotypical manner, including using them as comic relief.

Grandparents, and possibly even parents, would have been around at the time; for millions of people, memories would be fresh.

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The book is enthralling, and it casts a spell. When it appeared inthe book was an immediate sensation. Although Mitchell was writing a novel, she and her family felt it was important that the effects of the War and Reconstruction on the South, especially Georgia, should be recorded faithfully.

It was a time when the public was still capable of reading long books — years before television and other electronic distractions diminished the attention spans of Americans.

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Additionally, there are no truly rebellious slaves beyond the ones living in the shanty town. That is an important virtue, even if one set of convictions is clearly right and another clearly wrong. Mitchell is interested in individuals rather than ideologies or apologetics.

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To reach as much of the public as possible, Mrs.

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