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The student must obtain written permission from the school of proposed graduate study that the courses may count when and if the student is admitted into the graduate degree program. A record of each meeting must be maintained in the student's departmental file. Contact an Immigration Specialist if you have questions! Exceptions will be considered under the following circumstances: The student has entered with the M. Those accomplishments should be patented in the best interest of the student, the University, the public, and the government. Dissertation abstracts shall in any case be in English. It is important that you turn in the appropriate card or form to the Graduate Administrator immediately after you complete each milestone. The Registrar, after notification by the dean, will enter the transfer advanced standing credits as block credits on the student's transcript. It can also be downloaded here. When a graduate student repeats a course in which the subject matter has not changed, only the last grade received is counted in computing the grade point average. Normally, a certificate is an award granted at the graduate level only to persons receiving graduate degrees or persons who enter with graduate degrees and wish advanced training in some specific area. Admission to Candidacy for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree Admission to candidacy for the Doctor of Philosophy degree constitutes a promotion of the student to the most advanced stage of graduate study and provides formal approval to devote essentially exclusive attention to the research and the writing of the dissertation. Candidates failing the examination may, at the discretion of the faculty, be permitted to repeat the examination at the next scheduled administration, but no further repetitions are allowed.

From the student's initial registration for graduate studyall requirements for the PhD degree must be completed within a period of ten years or eight years if the student has received credit for a master's degree appropriate to the field of study. You may not begin the employment unless you have received official authorization.

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Only one leave of absence is allowed. Admission to candidacy must be at least eight months before the defense of the dissertation in order to provide an opportunity for the members of the doctoral committee to review, criticize, and monitor the proposed research. Doctoral level courses are numbered in the series, but courses numbered in the series may also be appropriate for doctoral study. If you are unable to register in person, contact the graduate secretary. See also Acceptance of Transfer Credits section. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3. The leave must be approved in advance by the relevant program, the department, and the Dean of Graduate Studies. Students must be registered in the term they are completing the Preliminary Examination. Students must be enrolled in the term in which they are completing the Comprehensive Examination.

Expansions on and additions to that information are given below. After the card is signed by your committee, turn it in to the Graduate Administrator.

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Retired faculty members may remain as members or chairs of committees if they are spending considerable time in Pittsburgh or the vicinity and are still professionally active.

Prior approval also must be obtained for any prospective committee member from the University of Pittsburgh or elsewhere who does not have Graduate Faculty status but is requested as an additional committee member beyond the four required members with Graduate Faculty status.

Students should fulfill the teaching requirement before proposing the dissertation. Editorial Assistance A student preparing a dissertation or other written work as part of academic requirements may, when appropriate, use the assistance of professional editors, provided that 1 he or she receives the approval of the research adviser or professor of the course in which written work is being submitted; 2 that editorial assistance provided be limited to use of language and not to subject matter, content or meaning; and 3 that all editorial assistance be described and acknowledged in the report.

Full-time dissertation study pitt

Teaching Fellows TF For teaching services, requiring about 20 hours per week, a TF receives a salary for the term of their contract, either one or two terms. Undergraduate students must enroll for 12 credit hours each semester. Application for Graduation Each candidate for graduation must file an official Application for Graduation in the office of the dean early in the term in which graduation is expected. Students should fulfill the teaching requirement before proposing the dissertation. Credits earned while enrolled in the graduate program may also be counted toward fulfilling undergraduate degree requirements. You should take this card to your oral examination and have your committee sign it. The dissertation must be relevant to an identifiable field as it is currently practiced, present a hypothesis tested by data and analysis, and provide a significant contribution or advancement in that field. Graduate Programs Offered in Off-Campus Locations or via Electronic Communication The academic standards set forth in the Regulations Governing Graduate Study apply to graduate programs offered in off-campus locations and offered via electronic communication. The membership of the doctoral committee may be changed whenever it is appropriate or necessary, subject to the approval of the department chair, or program director and the dean. The same examination, thesis, or dissertation cannot be used to fulfill requirements for two independent degrees, although a maximum of six credits of course work may be used in partial fulfillment of the requirements of both degrees. Failure to maintain your non-immigrant status can result in serious problems with immigration and could lead to deportation from the U. Requirements for these programs include all or most of the requirements of two distinct academic degree programs. Acceptance of Transfer Credits The completion of requirements for advanced degrees must be satisfied through registration at the Pittsburgh campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

The online application is automatically sent to the appropriate department for processing. In all cases, at least three terms, or 36 credits, of full-time doctoral study or the equivalent in part-time study must be successfully completed at the University of Pittsburgh.

Credits for course work taken 10 or more years prior to admission for graduate study at the University of Pittsburgh are not automatically transferred for PhD students. Thesis The requirement of a thesis or its equivalent is at the discretion of individual departments.

Independent Study Students who are using University facilities to an extent greater than represented by their formal course load and those students required by a fellowship or other appointment to be full-time students are required to register for an appropriate number of additional credits of Independent Study to reflect their correct status.

The form and nature of the evaluation should be approved at the school level and described in the school bulletin.

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