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But in as much as everyone in such team has the interest of the team at heart, they also show commitment to making their success. Having dropped out by DecemberMayo "wrote home and finally revealed to his family the truth; he did not and could not become a doctor" p.

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Turner quickly resolved that rest pauses in themselves were not the cause for increased output, although it was observed that longer rest pauses gave rise to more social interaction, which in turn impacted on mental attitudes.

It was only later, after a period of reflection, that Mayo was able to conclude that: job satisfaction increased as workers were given more freedom to determine the conditions of their working environment and to set their own standards of output; intensified interaction and cooperation created a high level of group cohesion; job satisfaction and output depended more on cooperation and a feeling of worth than on physical working conditions.

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And the norm, on the other hand, focuses on whether positive or negative traits are permitted in the group. Mayo's importance to management lies in the fact that he established evidence on the value of a management approach and style which, although not necessarily an alternative to F W Taylor's scientific management, presented facts which Taylorites could not ignore.

Public Administration: Concepts and Cases, Sign up for more great content. Productivity is hampered in such settings due to a negative signal each member sends out which impacts the entire group. The Hawthorne effect The social concern for workers was one of the significant findings of the Hawthorne studies.

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It is a wonderful resource and well worth exploring. But a very significant discovery from the Hawthorne study is the fact that when employees are treated well, they may turn out to be more productivity for the said organization.

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Functions and theories of management: Elton Mayo