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Some answers are clearly wrong, and other answers are clearly right. Therefore, independent schools have three challenging choices. This method of instruction is not, contrary to the popular allegation, "teaching to the test" or "mindless test prep.

The ideal test item is one that a substantial number of students will get wrong. In the past, we built assessment systems to help us dole out rewards and punishment. And third, the results that teachers receive usually lack the level of detail needed to target specific improvements Barton, ; Kifer, When a large number of students fail to succeed at a particular challenge on a standards-based assessment, that item is not regarded as a good discriminator.

If the student makes a mistake, the teacher stops and points out the mistake. Certainly, we should recognize students who do well on the initial assessment and provide opportunities for them to extend their learning through enrichment activities.

Standards-based assessments involve a demonstration of proficiency, not a guess on a multiple-choice test. Classroom teachers, as well as coordinators, specialists, and instructional coaches are encouraged to attend.

When students are actively involved in assessing their own next learning steps and creating goals to accomplish them, they make major advances in directing their learning and what they understand about themselves as learners.

Classroom assessment techniques

There would no longer be a wall that divides teaching and testing, but rather assessment would become an integral part of the teaching process. Wiggins, G. Twenty tools for better teaching. Instead, the teacher must use approaches that accommodate differences in students' learning styles and intelligences Sternberg, Rather, students learn best when their initial performance is less than successful, for then they can gain direction on how to improve Wiggins, It provides teachers with information about what students know and can do. Some argue that such a perspective puts too much responsibility on teachers and not enough on students. Instead of being locked away in safes, tests would be scattered about in classrooms, in lunchrooms, and on coffee tables. Students generally do things in class-such as writing, reading, or solving mathematical problems-that they and their teachers know will be directly related to what they will be doing on the test.

Wiggins, G. While there is no doubt that the Declaration of Independence was signed inthere is considerable controversy among historians about the causes of the Revolution and the ultimate success of Colonialists.

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Purpose of Classroom Assessment (Assessment)