Corporate social responsibility of godrej group

Progress of our manufacturing plants till December,compared to baseline: Reduction in specific energy consumption Since the major target group is students, some of the posters describe the role of students and laymen in nature conservation.

Garbage is treated on the reduce-recycle-reuse principle. Researchers from various universities and organisations are encouraged to conduct research projects and surveys in Pirojshanagar mangroves.

Its Godrej Ganga Ecology Panel generates public awareness among the people living on the banks of River Ganga to preserve heritage monuments and also help to control pollution.

Corporate social responsibility of godrej group

Mangrove environment in Malad creek by Ms. Working with communities: In Hyderabad, with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, and in Kalyan with the Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation, we are funding Swachh Centers for better dry waste management and will also co-fund processing plants for wet waste and dry waste processing, with the ultimate goal of sending zero waste to landfill. With our conscious local sourcing efforts, we have reduced the distance travelled by our incoming materials by more than 19, km. The programme has changed people's mentality and is helping in creating a comfortable relationship between people and animals. Know more Training micro-entrepreneurs in beauty and wellness In , the Godrej Salon-i programme reached out to women micro-entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness sector across the country and set-up the Beauty-preneur platform. Company has identified biodiversity enhancement as a focal point. Godrej strongly believes that this green environment enhances productivity and quality. A study on Antimicrobial properties of different mangrove species by R. In our Godrej Udayachal Schools they have been educating on environment for many years. The Flamingo watch organised by Nisarg and Green club had good participation of around 25 people despite many cancellations because of Gudi celebrations. The Centre contains attractive posters depicting information about aspects of the mangrove ecosystem including world distribution of mangroves, Indian distribustion, mangrove adaptations, associated biodiversity, and the ecological and economical importance of mangroves. In the first phase, we have communicated our policy to nearly suppliers and have conducted a baseline survey to monitor their sustainability performance and audited the same. You are on page 1of 4 Search inside document Godrej Godrejs major CSR initiatives include education, environment and health donations and it spends more than Rs 70 crore annually. As of March , we have trained close to , people and helped enhance their earning potential.

We provide decentralised, off-grid renewable energy systems through community level installations. There is wide scope for community work as over 10, people live in the surrounding area and depend on the wetland for fish and shellfish.

social work done by godrej

Work is in progress to develop and maintain a marine aquarium. Company has identified biodiversity enhancement as a focal point.

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Godrej CSR Initiatives