Consumer attitude toward green marketing

The role of marketing has become a matter of discussion as lifestyles and consumption patterns in the industrialized world are a major originator of environmental damage. When asked, majority of the respondents are unable to name a specific product or product type which are eco-friendly.

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Consumer behavior towards eco labeling One important tool of green marketing involves the promotion of eco labels on environmentally friendly products D Souza et al. Recycle, biodegradable, reuse , and ensure that products meet or exceed the quality expectations of customers. According to Uusitalo and Oksanen , ethical consumerism refers to buyer behaviour that reflects a concern with the problems that arise from unethical and unjust global trades, such as child and low-paid labour, infringement of human rights, animal testing, labour union suppressions, inequalities in trading relations with the Third World and pollution of the environment Strong, The first eco labeling scheme Blue Anger eco label was introduced in Germany and today 30 different eco labeling methods are available. Furthermore Fazio also stated certain conditions in which behaviors and attitudes will be consistent. According to a study by Gough, , females tend to have a better ability to take control and take the responsibility for alleviating problems in the world and also they are the ones who have a stronger sense of ethics. Conflicting view was presented by Leire and Thidell who identified that consumer awareness of eco labeling does not necessarily lead to their green purchase decisions. The objective of the present study is to identify consumer attitude towards green products. As business activities caused many of the environmental problems in the past and still do, there is increasing recognition that business is vital in the process of a more ecological sustainable society. Overall the the understood perception is that eco labels are instruments which draw consumers by explaining their impact on the environment.

It also seems that green products that offer direct excludable benefits to consumers such Green Consumption. On the one hand, marketing has been criticized for contributing to the environmental degradation by emphasizing on consumption, consequently contributing to a throwaway society and emphasizing on satisfying short-term consumer or customer wants.

Consequently, the managing label guarantees the correctness of the claim of the eco label European Commission Homepage.

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According to Dunlap, , most of these studies concentrated on determining the subjects view of the problem, its seriousness and how is differs from the numerous cultures. This first-mover advantage however is not sufficient anymore as more companies orient themselves ecological and customers can choose from a variety of eco-labeled products. Consumer awareness and motivation continue to drive change in the marketplace, notably through the introduction of more eco-friendly products. Jacquelyn A. Irv Weinberg, May 19, Green Marketing. Since , green marketing has evolved into a third stage. The reason behind this consumer cognition has not been very well understood.

Thus, marketing should contribute to more sustainable forms of society. It includes not only altering the advertising of a product but also a variety of activities such as altering production processes, changing packaging and modifying products.

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Based on this evidence three different aspects can be arrived at in terms of identifying the relationship between environmental attitude and behavior: 1. Knowledge of green brands has caused consumers to develop positive green marketing awareness and has bolstered their interest in fortifying the environment whilst preventing its degradation.

Green marketing is a creative opportunity to innovate in ways that make a difference and at the same time achieve business success Grant,p.

consumer behaviour towards green marketing

For example, Peattiep. They are: When the attitude influences perception.

consumer awareness towards green products

According to a study by Gough,females tend to have a better ability to take control and take the responsibility for alleviating problems in the world and also they are the ones who have a stronger sense of ethics.

The studies found that some of the most common problems were air quality, sewage treatment and water quality.

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