Clash of cultural values

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As the patient continued to angrily express his frustration, the nurse realized she did not know what the patient really wanted or why he did not follow her instructions. It is not a question of if but when we will be called to navigate the choppy waters of cultures in conflict, and these clashes occur with varying degrees of intensity.

Culture clash definition and examples

At a restaurant, the server taking your order is not only chewing gum, but also making smacking sounds, blowing bubbles, and popping them. Similarly, before attempting to broker understanding and conciliation when cultural differences and clashes occur—this involves bridge building—healthcare workers must first be equipped to handle personal cultural clashes Ellis Fletcher, For example, in the U. You begin to reduce your speed to allow entrance. As the world gets smaller, people from different cultures are colliding like never Women are getting stuck as they rocket up the corporate ladder, while men are. Finding a connective link between the two perspectives was a key to making the merger work. Sally N. Marcelle E. According to the unabridged version of dictionary. A written exchange might be the favored means to address the conflict.

Cultural clashing is a large topic. One aspect of communication style is language usage.

culture clash examples

Questions that may seem natural to you -- What was the conflict about? Reference: Ellis Fletcher, S. Marcelle E.

Cross cultural conflict examples

Questions that may seem natural to you -- What was the conflict about? Cultural diversity can lead to strong organization and awe-inspiring brainstorming sessions. Recently, a nurse colleague shared with me her frustration with a diabetic patient who kept scheduled provider visits at sporadic intervals, continued to poorly manage blood sugars, and rejoiced that he no longer eats carryout, fast-food fried chicken but now eats home-fried chicken sandwiches. Terry can be reached at terrysoto aboutmarketingsolutions. To read about crossing borders intraculturally, see " A matter of gender ," by Sarmad Muhammad Soomar. Examples of culture clashes in history include the reintroduction of freed American slaves into Africa and the conflict between early European settlers and the. Keep this in mind when you are in a dialogue or when you are working with others.

In acute care settings, all of the above may occur multiple times every hour. This is a broad statement, but consider the following examples.

Clash of cultural values

Terry can be reached at terrysoto aboutmarketingsolutions.

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Cultural conflict