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In Citizen Kane, Welles co-wrote, produced, directed and starred in the film, a rare feat powerpoint slide He cannot understand why Charles Foster Kane would print stories in the Inquirer that attack Wall Street, an action he believes is akin to Kane biting the hand that feeds him.

It was his vision that made the movie how successful…. It was initially released in and was met with great criticism.

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Susan is the last of Kane's friends to leave him as well as the original owner of the snow globe he drops after saying "rosebud". However, Kane's empire largely collapses at the onset of the Great Depression , and he is forced to sell his remaining holdings to Thatcher. With the Chronicle's exposure of his "love nest" with a "singer", Kane is desperate to save face in light of the scandal - which for him, means turning Susan from a "singer" to a singer. While Gettys found evidence that implicated Susan as Kane's mistress , the film does not make it clear whether or not she really was. The American people will always want someone that they can trust to make their lives better. Throughout the film, Thatcher makes his beliefs very clear: he stands for capitalism. Though the opening newsreel describes Xanadu as a "private pleasure palace", it hardly feels like a place of joy.

Jedediah Leland[ edit ] Jedediah Leland Joseph Cotten was a close friend of Kane and is generally acknowledged to represent the morality and idealism Kane himself loses as the film progresses.

While Welles does not explicitly spell out the state of Bernstein and Kane's relationship at the time of Kane's death, certain cues indicate that Bernstein remained loyal until the end.

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In a scene in the newsreel set aroundThatcher tells a congressional investigation that Kane is a Communist. Simple things like ceilings on the sets and realistic scenes such as the newsreel, which would not stand out in a modern film, were combined to make a film full of innovative techniques.

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Kane marries Susan and forces her into a doomed and humiliating career as an opera singer.

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Citizen Kane: Charles Foster Kane