Change management kotter s model pros and cons

Informed Stakeholders: Encourage stakeholder participation and commitment to the change by employ open and consultative communication approaches that will create awareness and understanding of the change throughout the organisation.

Most change management models are made to help the change management be more effective.

comparison of planned change models

Change management is of strategic importance, and companies cannot exist without it. The model helps to visualise the strength of opposing forces that can influence your idea for change, and to determine when the forces helping to further change are greater than those which oppose it.

The Lewin model has a fewer steps that have to be followed. Far too many leaders lurch into a programme of organisational upheaval without having properly convinced people first that there is a genuine need for change.

From there, we move to the Exploring phase. The fact that seven different factors are considered makes them interrelated.

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The Importance of Change Management (Group 2) Part 2