Causes of religious unrest in nigeria

The dominant ethnic groups in Nigeria threaten each other from time to time; violent clashes between ethnic groups and religious groups in Nigeria are no longer uncommon. Africa In the fertile grasslands of central Nigeria the roar of a motorcycle is enough to instill fear in the Christian cattle herders stalked by an increasingly bloody conflict.

But such steps are unlikely to satisfy increasingly angry Christian officials and activists.

religion in nigeria before colonization

The church where they were holding the Mass had no grass. In one recent moment of vengeance, Fulanis say 50 of their members, including children, were slaughtered. Opening them up is crucial, the experts maintain.

Image: pexels. Widespread poverty. However, rather often this matter is got involved in conflicts, being the most influential weapon in the hands of some leaders. The s saw an upsurge in violence due to death of Mohammed Marwa "Maitatsine" see below.

religious violence
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Nigeria cattle conflict pushes Christian and Muslims to the edge of civil war