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If this brief introduction interests you then get hold of a book or two on the subject and teach yourself more. The Romans used graphology, and through the centuries since then various civilisations and cultures have analysed handwriting to identify the essence of the person who produced it. Good at mathematics. There are some simple indicators however. Narrow right margin shows impatience and eagerness to get out there and on with things. Early work in Italy and France was taken forward in Germany, and the basis of todays methods were set down during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The central or middle case is the central region occupied by letters with neither long up-strokes nor long down-strokes, such as a, c, e, m, n, o, etc. Which obviously means that the lower case is the area occupied by the extended down-strokes of letters such as g, j, p, q, etc. Thoughtful, considered people will have fewer linked letters and no linked words.

Follows instructions, does things by the book, step-by-step. Look at the relative dominance and extent of each of the cases. Spacing between letters shows artistic spatially aware character, artists, etc.

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Writers who use this can be loyal, protective, independent, trustworthy and methodical, but negatively they can be secretive, stubborn and hypocritical when they choose.

Interpersonally good, attentive to relationships and people. Both are different to unfinished letters, which is a different indicator. Internal language is feelings. The scientific establishment began to compile evidence and theories proving this as early as the 17 th century.

This applies to signatures sloping-downwards also.

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