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Class 2A pre [ edit ] This was a concept class for teams who only had a project and plan for a Class 1A car.

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Since its first year inthe interest of the general public and experts has increased dramatically: the latest Formula Student UK edition held at the Silverstone circuit from 3rd-7th July had almost 15, attendees including students, judges, committees, car manufacturer representatives and spectators.

Sinceboth Petroleum and Alternative fueled cars have competed for places in the same rankings. It could include any physical parts or work that had been completed for the project so far, but was not essential.

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Cars in Class 1A were judged in the same events alongside Class 1 however the cost category was replaced by one for sustainability and the endurance event had a greater emphasis placed upon measured emissions. Class 2[ edit ] This is a concept class for teams who only have a project and plan for a Class 1 car.

In the static events, students compete presenting their race car project to the judges, which is evaluated from a technical point of view Design Reportand from the point of view of costs Cost Analysis. Teams are judged on business presentation, cost and design. Other evidence of the importance of this competition is represented by the fact that many protagonists of the automotive world, who can normally be encountered in the paddocks during the event, participate as judges and commissars, for example Ross Brawn, Pat Clarke, Aldo Costa, Sergio Limone, Evan Short, Giancarlo Minardi, Giampaolo Dallara, Andrew Deakin, among many others.

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A car from the previous year's Class 1 entry could be re-entered and re-engineered allowing the students to concentrate on the low carbon aspect of the competition without having to redesign a new chassis and ancillaries. Teams were judged on business presentation, cost and design.

The picture shows all the teams that attended Formula Student Silverstone courtesy of IMechE, all rights reserved Formula SAE is organized as a series of independent events spread over five continents which each attract 80 to teams. Have you ever seen university students designing a racecar?

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