British airwayss environment

Sustainable fuels We have partnered with Velocys, a renewable fuels company, to design a series of waste plants that convert household waste into renewable jet fuel to power our fleet.

These Mototok devices replace diesel tugs and help reduce emissions generated by aircraft ground operations. So why, I ask, is BA opposing the EU's plan to make all airlines flying in and out of Europe buy some carbon pollution permits fromespecially when BA's website states : "As part of our commitment to being environmental responsible [sic] we have been a long-standing supporter of emissions trading.

Tackling Climate Change We are committed to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, helping the aviation industry to achieve sustainable growth and contributing to the IAG vision to be the leading airline group on sustainability.

We are focusing our efforts to improve the local air quality on the following areas: Applying take-off and landing procedures to minimise engine thrust to limit NOx emissions from our aircraft. The building, which provides after school care and is operated by the social enterprise KLAS Care, has become the hub for a growing number of community groups in the East Fulton area of Linwood.

Environmental policy. He says the airline is talking with EU policymakers to find ways of solving the problem, for example looking at the level of auctioning applied to international flights.

The airline had also invested in more than efficient airport vehicles for ground staff and operations, replacing diesel tugs in the process.

british airways corporate responsibility report 2017
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British Airways Improves Fuel Efficiency with These Measures