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This period signified the beginning path to incredible change in customs, ways of life and institutions that had existed in Europe for almost a thousand years. Continuing to evolve rapidly, the trumpet became formed, coiled into an elongated loop in and could be constructed in both brass and silver New techniques and ideas began to become more prominent during this time and changed the rules of how music was being written.

Artifacts in this time capsule included a painting of The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. The Renaissance is an excellent example of an era in which the art was a reflection of past methods, styles, and subject matter.

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English lute Ares were popular in the court of Elizabeth I during the sixteenth century. The differences in both the Baroque and Classical eras are quite immense but they both hold equal importance to the history of music and are high in their overall influential worth Of Music in London In Aprilhe experienced a stroke, but lost strength in his right arm but ended up recovering and performing again He died in and was buried at Westminster Abbey His accomplishments 42 Operas more than cantatas, duets, and trios Conclusion In this module, we learned more about the music of the Baroque period.

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Baroque Period Essay