An introduction to the life and work by judy blume

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For instance, you could write a dialogue between Katherine and Erica that takes place after Katherine returns home and has broken up with Michael. Before Blume, teenage girls had talked among themselves about this subject, but no one had ever written about it. Blume's openness has just begun to go to work. Blume carefully orchestrates the pressures that Katherine feels as a teenage girl moving toward sexual intercourse. The book ends with Katherine at home. Blume added another adult novel with Smart Women in , but she mainly continued writing for younger audiences. She poses a strong front in giving away her baby, but both Erica and Katherine are near tears. She is everything that Katherine is not. The association points out that what one era condemns may be applauded in a subsequent period, and it promotes the concept that everyone should have the right to choose what they read. His parents will be gone until midnight. In her desire to be honest, Blume might be saying that in the real world, life is not always about fun and physical pleasures. Katherine is also tested for gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease. There's a problem with this paper. He is caught off guard when Katherine stops writing to him; he arrives at the summer camp where Katherine is working and senses that she might be interested in someone else. Katherine is not ready to say this back to Michael, although she feels she loves him.

Michael's parents wanted him to take it. At one point, she is so rational that she understands that despite the fact that her body physically longs for the sexual act, her mind is not ready.

She attended New York University and was married before she earned her degree in education in She explores the challenges they have to face and the decisions that they make.

Michael is looking for a summer job also.

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The relationship appears to be building into something special until Michael takes a job in North Carolinamoving away from Katherine the summer after she graduates from high school.

In other words, Katherine is not angry at Michael for trying or for encouraging her to give in to him.

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Read your statement to your class. That is what makes Katherine seem so authentic. Sharon, at one point in the story, asks Katherine to be careful with Michael because he is vulnerable emotionally. One night, Theo asks her to slow dance with him. It is no wonder her behavior is so exemplary; her parents are understanding and communicative; her grandmother is a lawyer who once ran for Congress, works for NOW, and sends Katherine pamphlets on birth control, abortion, and venereal disease. There are references to Michael's hands and to Katherine's clothing, but these are only briefly mentioned, unveiling the characters' intended actions but not glorifying them. She feels guilty when Artie attempts suicide. Readers get a glimpse behind the characters' public faces, as if readers were eavesdropping on a private conversation. The big moment develops in an unanticipated direction.

Michael Wagner Michael is an old friend of Sybil. Erica has told Artie that she will help him find out.

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Erica finally gives up on Artie, and in the end, Artie has a mental break down and tries to commit suicide, which makes Erica and Michael feel guilty, as if they did not help Artie enough. Katherine, the protagonist, wants to make her first experience mean something.

Michael brings Artie with him.

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An Introduction to the Life and Work by Judy Blume