A discussion of the blame to germany for the world war one

who was to blame for ww1

Because later Austria-Hungary will be weaker and not be able to fight at the side of the Germans. New York World, From A.

why was france to blame for ww1

Germany Did it!!! By contrast, the guilt question for World War Two was very clear. However, this only really settles blame in the short-term for the war. The war was incomprehensibly expensive.

How did germany cause ww1

The Pity of War. London: Allen Lane, August 17 In dollars, billion gold marks would represent a sum of approximately seven trillion dollars. The list seems endless, as each generation of historical revisionists find yet another slate of candidates on which to pin blame. Germany was really aggressive with other countries, pushing them to start the war. Harlow: Pearson Education,

It was the very process of mobilization; a process that once started could not be stopped until the bloodletting was inevitable.

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Germany Did It!