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The fleet sailed first to Brazil and then down the coast of South America to Patagonia. King Charles I funded Magellan and he set sail September 20, with a fleet of five ships and roughly men. Magellan ended up proving, instead, that the world was indeed round and bigger than anyone had previously imagined. In King Charles I —; soon to be Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor , gave Magellan a commission "to find in the domains that belong to us and are ours in the area in the Ocean Sea, within the limits of our demarcation, islands, mainlands, rich spices" quoted in Thomas , p. Subsequent Voyages Ferdinand Magellan had problems along the way, but he had finally reached the Pacific Ocean. Some of the sailors decided to mutiny and tried to steal three of the ships. Levinson, Nancy Smiler. He found not only a massive ocean, hitherto unknown to Europeans, but he also discovered that the earth was much larger than previously thought. More Explorers:. They were the first known Europeans to see the great ocean, which Magellan named Mar Pacifico, the Pacific Ocean, for its apparent peacefulness, a stark contrast to the dangerous waters of the strait from which he had just emerged. That caused the captain to fall face downward, when immediately they rushed upon him with iron and bamboo spears and with their cutlasses, until they killed our mirror, our light, our comfort, and our true guide. When the natives saw that, they all hurled themselves upon him. These gorgeous color manuscript maps on vellum showed the route of Magellan in black ink and the Spanish silver fleet in gold.

If true, it would mean Enrique—not Elcano and the surviving members of the crew—was the first person to circumnavigate the globe, albeit not in a single voyage.

The Moluccas were the original source of some of the world's most valuable spices at that time, including cloves and nutmeg.

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The parts of this area that lay furthest east of Spain had not yet been explored by the Spaniards, and they assumed that some of the Spice Islands might lie within their half of the globe. Lower-level conspirators were made to do hard labor in chains over the winter, but later freed. The accusations were proven false, but he received no further offers of employment after 15 May Magellan died from the wound on April 27, The Portuguese now had dominance over most of the Indian Ocean. In the meantime, the Trinidad had tried to head back across the Pacific to Panama but was finally forced back to the Moluccas. The fleet proceeded cautiously, taking over a month to pass through the strait. Magellan befriended local leaders on the island of Limasawa , and on March 31, held the first Mass in the Philippines , planting a cross on the island's highest hill. He and his fleet continued west. Following his death, Magellan was initially succeeded by co-commanders Juan Serrano and Duarte Barbosa with a series of other officers later leading. Magellan set about converting the locals to Christianity. But in some cases, his journey was filled with more than he would bargain for.

Magellan was born around at Sabarosa, Portugal and from early age, he showed interest for the sea. His voyage provided clear proof that the Earth is round.

In addition, their continuing journey to the west caused them to lose one day on a calendar.

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In the early days of the navigation of the strait, the crew of the San Antonio forced its captain to desert, and the ship turned and fled across the Atlantic Ocean back to Spain. Magellan had traveled to India by sailing around Africa , but he had the idea that there may be another route by traveling west and around the Americas. On October 21, , it entered what is now called the Strait of Magellan the channel of water between the southern tip of South America and the island of Tierra del Fuego. Citation Information. In , Magellan moved to Seville, Spain, where he met a well-connected Portuguese transplant, Diogo Barbosa, married his daughter, Beatriz, and had a son. He also sent the Santiago ahead to scout, but it was shipwrecked. Magellan also sought such a passage. What did Ferdinand Magellan discover? Pacific Ocean After 38 days on the strait, the fleet finally emerged at the Pacific Ocean in November Under the Treaty of Tordesillas , Portugal controlled the eastern routes to Asia that went around Africa. Meanwhile, Magellan devoted himself to studying the most recent charts , investigating, in partnership with cosmographer Rui Faleiro , a gateway from the Atlantic to the South Pacific and the possibility of the Moluccas being Spanish according to the demarcation of the Treaty of Tordesillas. Magellan received a letter that the Spanish officers planned to kill him after leaving the Canaries.

As the captain-general began to make himself lord of the natives, he became more and more insistent on encouraging his native allies to convert to Christianity and, where necessary, on requiring conversion by coercion and violence.

This 96,kilometer about 60,mile voyage opened the remaining crucial sea-lanes of the world to European ships, commerce, and colonial empires.

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After his injury, he was falsely accused of trading illegally with the Moors, and despite all of his service to Portugal, and his many pleas to the king, any further offers of employment were withheld him.

Like many of his contemporaries, Magellan set out to discover a Western sea route to the Spice Islands in Indonesia.

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Afterwards, however, the Santiago was wrecked, and its crew had to be taken aboard the other vessels.

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